Foxton Locks

Where you can take a walk along the flight of ten locks which are over 200 years old. You could become a “gongoozler” for the day – don’t forget to take your picnic along too!

Half way down (or up), depending which way you’re walking, pop into the museum where you can inspect the inclineMore information about visit Foxton Locks can be found here

Once you reach to bottom lock, you can even take a trip on a canal boat. The trips are open air and last around half an hour.

Prices and times can be found on this link

Parking is available a short distance away from the top lock for a fee. There are some cafes and shops located near to the Locks so why not stop by for a drink or ice cream.



Learn the Water Safety Code

If you’re a Brownie or a Guide, you could complete your Water Safety badge.

Or try this activity below from the Canal and River Trust

Explain to children that one of the unexpected dangers is very COLD water

Aim:     To demonstrate the effect of cold water.

You will need: String, a bucket of lukewarm water and a bucket of ice cold water.


•          Ask the members to plunge their hands in the warm water, immediately followed by the ice-cold water.

•          How long can  they keep their hands in the cold water? Ask the members to describe how it feels.

Discussion points:

How it affects the rest of your body

•          You gasp. You could breathe in water which may cause you to choke.

•          Your breathing rate increases. This flushes carbon dioxide out of your blood which cramp.

•          Your heart rate increases to 180 beats a minute. You could have a heart attack.

•          Your blood pressure increases. You could suffer a stroke.

•          You become exhausted after about three minutes.

•          Your body temperature drops. You will become unconscious.


If you live near water you could create posters about all the dangers associated with water and promote them to the community.


downloadable version