Brocks Hill Country Park

Brocks Hill Country Park is the perfect place to take nature walks amongst native trees and ponds, and you can find exhibitions, craft workshops, talks and the café at the Visitor Centre. There are orienteering packs available, for a small charge, from the Visitor Centre. There are also free trails – the routes for these can be downloaded here.

The following link takes you to a downloadable den building instruction sheet. As part of the park there are den building materials available and ready for your group to use and create with. There is no cost for this activity. 



University of Leicester Botanical Gardens

The gardens are free to enter unless there is a special event so you need to check the website before you visit.

On Saturdays, The Master Composters can usually be found demonstrating how to make top quality compost. There can’t be many places you can gain that kind of expertise!

For more information check their website here





Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt which uses your phone or GPS. Geocaches can be big or small, high or low and in urban or rural environments. So keep your eyes peeled but try not to get spotted by other people who are out and about!

The app can be downloaded from your app store – you will need to create an account to use it – why not create a unit account then whenever you’re out and about you can find caches anywhere, anytime!

Visit the website here to create your account and see which caches you could find!

GPS’s can be hired from the County Office to assist in your adventure – head to the Leicestershire website to complete the booking form.


Top Tips:

* The free, basic membership is fine (you can log in via your Facebook account – it doesn’t appear on your account) however, you will not be able to find advanced level caches unless you sign up for a paid membership.

* Check the activity of the cache first – if it appears DNF (Did Not Find), the last person couldn’t find it

* Some geocaches may have trackables within them so why not take something to add to the cache – Join Us cards make good trackables, who can you recruit along the way!

* Remember to put the Geocache back where you found it

* Most of all don’t be disheartened if you cannot find any – practice makes perfect!


If you want to make it simpler then make your own caches to hide around the grounds of your unit meeting place or park. Make a cache by hiding a box with some small tokens (could be anything small – Cracker toys would be ideal) in it and giving clues about its surroundings. If each girl starts with a token they can swap it for one of the ones in the box when they find it.


downloadable version