Sets of items available for hire at £2.50 per box/bag per week. 

Rainbow Tabards - mixed colours
5 x Boxes each containing 10 outfits through the ages
Other Brownie Uniforms to supply up to 30
4 x Boxes each containing 10 outfits through the ages
Other Guide uniforms to supply up to 30
Senior Section individual items from most eras including Land Ranger / Sea

A selection of Handbooks, Story books and Annuals may also be borrowed.

£5 deposit each set

Sets of items available for hire at £2.50 per box/bag per week. 

Canada –    Brownie and Guide

Australia  - Brownie and Guide

Malaysia  -  Guide

Denmark  - Guide

India  -      Bulbul  (Indian Brownie name) and Guide

Ireland  -   Brownie and Guide

Ukraine  -  Guide

New Zealand  - Brownie and Guide

Barbados  - Brownie 

Hong Kong - Brownie and Guide


We also have a set of 10 Saris and instructions for wearing them.

£5 deposit each set
Semaphore Flags

2 sets available

No extra charge if hired with any of the above uniforms.

£5 deposit
Additional information
Please return ironed (if necessary also washed) and folded and in the correct bags. When booking, please ensure you have allowed enough time to do this

Please give at least TWO week’s notice. These items are prepared by volunteers, not the office staff

For further details, please contact Chris Davies christinemdavies88@gmail.com


Equipment Hire

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  • I am aware that I should receive an email within 5 days confirming that my booking  has been accepted
  • I understand that I am hiring the equipment in a good and complete condition
  • I agree that I will be charged if the equipment is found to be damaged, incomplete, or in an unacceptable state on its return
  • I agree to pay any pre-arranged overdue fees, or forfeit my deposit if items are not returned when agreed










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